Welcome to Inside Liverpool the insider’s guide to buying property in the city.

Hands up who’d like to secure their financial future? Silly question, really. The real issue is how would you achieve it?

Except for the lucky few it doesn’t happen overnight. But if you start now, carefully buying and holding one property and then another, from modest beginnings you can build a portfolio that, in time, can let you retire early and provide a valuable investment for future generations. Financial freedom – it can make a big difference to your life.

Inside Liverpool sources good value properties for serious investors. But we’re also here for the ‘toe-dippers’, new investors who want to take the temperature, hopefully for their first deal. If that’s you, we can help you gain the market knowledge and trading know-how you need. We offer:

Helping the experienced investor

You may know your way around a good property deal, but do you know Liverpool? With a population approaching half a million living in over 220,000 dwellings, it’s not a place you can really take in, never mind understand, on a weekend visit.

You know the best deals derive from local knowledge and Inside Liverpool is steeped in the city’s property market. We can be your eyes and ears on the ground, looking for the deal that is right for you. Once you’ve bought, we can also coordinate all the practical details and dealings with local agencies and trades on your behalf.

Dipping your toe into the market for the first time?

Developing a property portfolio can be a valuable investment for your retirement and future generations. However, entering the market can be daunting. What happens if something goes wrong, or your investment is a poor one?

And believe us, property investments can go wrong if you don’t get the right advice. That’s why we set up Inside Liverpool, to provide trusted advice reinforced with extensive on-the ground local knowledge.

You can build your property expertise through a series of Inside Liverpool events and workshops – and of course, we are always there to offer specific advice on a particular purchase.

We also offer ‘post-purchase’ support through 1-2-1 coaching packages, from one hour a week to two days. And you can join our Liverpool Insider group where you receive and give peer support to fellow investors, getting fresh insights on your challenges and successes.

“I got something I didn’t even know I wanted and it is perfect.”

“I found Vicki on Facebook and we got chatting about Liverpool as I was keen on investing there. I sent her some links from Rightmove of properties I was coming to view. She replied with loads of information about which blocks were not worth my time due to noise or location, plus a steer on how much rent I could expect from the better ones… read more

Justin B.

“We didn’t have to worry about a thing.”

“We were looking for a small student multi-let to add to our portfolio and Vicki found us just the thing, a three-bed terrace in the heart of Wavertree. The property was sold as an operational HMO with long term tenants who had been there a couple of years… read more

Daniel Birch

“Vicki’s been a lifesaver for us.”

“Vicki sourced two properties for us in Liverpool that were just what we were looking for. We bought both and, as we are based in Hertfordshire, put them in the hands of a local letting agent… read more

Paul Weller – CEO Property Wealth Group


“Vicki is absolute gold dust.”

“I own several properties in London but finding more was proving difficult because of high prices. I decided to look elsewhere, including Derby and West Yorkshire, and wasted a lot of time trying to get a deal…and failing to get a deal. I just didn’t have enough local knowledge of those property markets… read more

Lulu Belle – Belle Property