Giving you the inside story

We like stories. Some more than others.

Sadly, some of the stories we hear too often are about property disappointments in Liverpool. Like the woman who set up a full day of viewings, travelled 300 miles to Merseyside, only to find the properties were either sold or not as described. Or the man who paid for a property investment course but then couldn’t find a single deal in Liverpool that was anything like what he’d been told to look for.

These tales involve people losing time, money and self-belief. What a waste, particularly when we know Liverpool is a buoyant property market with good value deals waiting to be done. And we know where they are.

We are property sourcers who set up Inside Liverpool because we were fed up of hearing about disappointment and frustration and wanted to give people the inside knowledge on where to look and what to buy. We can do this because we know the Liverpool property market intimately. We grew up in the city and we’re now part of an informal yet powerful network of savvy property investors who understand every local postcode micro-market.

Sometimes we’ll have to tell you that what you want isn’t going to deliver what you need, so you have to trust us. And when we do recommend a property, you can be confident it will be a careful and informed choice. It might even be one we were considering buying. A good property sourcer does not keep all the best deals for themselves.

The most successful businesses put their customers first, which suits Inside Liverpool because what drives us is giving people what they need. That’s why we also devote so much time to educating the public about property investment, through our very active Facebook page and open events.


Inside Liverpool
Property investment with long-term value.

“This isn’t about making a ‘killing’. Our clients seek long-term investments, building a portfolio that will continue to provide value. In return, we are committed to providing expert but honest assessments of what is possible, including a reality check if needed.”


Vicki Peers

Your Personal Property Genie