Learning About Property

Hands up who’d like to secure their financial future? Silly question, really. The real issue is how would you achieve it?

Except for the lucky few it doesn’t happen overnight. But if you start now, carefully buying and holding one property and then another, from modest beginnings you can build a portfolio that, in time, can let you retire early and provide a valuable investment for future generations. Asset building is how you create financial freedom.

Inside Liverpool sells good value properties to serious investors. But if you’re not quite ready to buy, we will help you gain the market knowledge and investment know-how you need.

See below for ways we can help you. 


Inside Liverpool Facebook Meeting Sites

You can join others on our Facebook page and in our busy Facebook groups. Here you can read all the latest news from Inside Liverpool and meet other property investors, both novice and more experienced. Like our page @Insideliv and come join our Inside Liverpool Property Community group.  

Inside Liverpool 1:1 Zoom Call

1:1 Consultancy Call with Inside Liverpool Founder, Vicki Peers

If you’re an investor new to the Liverpool Property Market, it can be daunting to take that first plunge. Estate Agents and national sourcing agents will tell you anything to make a sale. So who do you ask if the area is right, if the tenants will be what you expect, if the demand is high enough to warrant converting your house into a HMO or flats?

Who will tell you the truth about certain roads, about honest rental figures and about the rat problem in the entry?

Inside Liverpool will.

Calls are £99 and last for one hour. They are held on Zoom and a copy of the video will be sent to you afterwards.

Inside Liverpool Masterclass

Face to Face Workshop in Liverpool with Inside Liverpool Founder, Vicki Peers + Guest

When you start your due diligence on the different areas of the city, you’ll require advice about areas, postcodes and their micro markets. Inside Liverpool runs regular events full of information about investment property in the city. You will receive up to date information from Vicki, meet other local investors and hear trusted guest speakers from the property profession. No up-sell. No hard sales. Just good, honest information and advice.

If you want a little more 1:1 time, invest in a Gold ticket. Gold ticket holders can pick Vicki’s brains about anything property related over lunch, and will also benefit from an additional hour together at the end of the workshop. They will also be sent a resource pack following the event filled with Vicki’s viewing checklists, annotated maps of key areas & tips on how to place an offer.

Early Bird tickets are £99 / Standard tickets are £149 / Gold tickets are £275

Inside Liverpool ‘How to Source’ Video Series

Online training course delivered by Inside Liverpool Founder, Vicki Peers

When you know exactly which part of the city you want to invest, your next task is to find the deals.

You can look on the portals and book viewings with agents, but everyone knows all the best deals come from going direct to vendor (DTV). But how exactly do you find these ‘tired landlords’ and what the hell do you say when you do find them?

In our How to Source Video Series, we teach you the 10 Step process we use to find all of our off-market property deals. You get an eBook of the 10 Steps, and a series of videos to support this, as well as access to The Vault, which is full of extra resources that you will find useful when you start sourcing. Each step has a short quiz at the end to check your understanding and you get access to a private Facebook group, where you can gain peer support in this new venture.

The Video Series is £297 and it comes with a bonus webinar + bonus recording of the Masterclass from Sep 2019 

Liverpool Insider Online Mastermind

Everyone learns at their own pace. Some investors are shown the ropes and then they’re good-to-go, networking, buying and refurbing. Others need more guidance at a steadier pace. Our online group coaching package provides ongoing support for those that need it, tailored to fit your requirements.
The Mastermind is held in a private Facebook Group and Vicki & the team deliver regular content, focused on whatever the group needs at the time. It is safe space where no question is a stupid question and you have the convenience of being able to ask all your burning questions whenever you need to.

Mastermind Membership is £99pcm with a minimum of 3 month commitment.

If you’re serious about becoming a property investor, realistic in your ambitions and open to honest and expert advice, we can help you on the road towards building that valuable portfolio.

Inside Liverpool
Property investment with long-term value.