Learning About Property

Hands up who’d like to secure their financial future? Silly question, really. The real issue is how would you achieve it?

Except for the lucky few it doesn’t happen overnight. But if you start now, carefully buying and holding one property and then another, from modest beginnings you can build a portfolio that, in time, can let you retire early and provide a valuable investment for future generations. Financial freedom – it can make a big difference to your life.

Inside Liverpool sources good value properties for serious investors. But we’re also here for the ‘toe-dippers’, new investors who want to take the temperature, hopefully for their first deal. If that’s you, we can help you gain the market knowledge and trading know-how you need. See below for ways we can help you.


Inside Liverpool Facebook Meeting Sites

You can join others on our busy Facebook pages. Here you can read all the latest news from Inside Liverpool and meet other property investors, both novice and more experienced. Send a friend request to our Founder, Vicki Peers, and like our page @Insideliv

Inside Liverpool Networking Events

As you delve deeper into property investment, you’ll need to build your network. Our informal network events bring you face-to-face with many who have a deep knowledge of the Liverpool property scene, including investors and financiers.

Inside Liverpool Discovery Days

Includes: Inside Liverpool Networking Event

When you start your due diligence on the different areas of the city, you’ll require advice about postcodes and their micro markets. Inside Liverpool runs regular events full of information about property in the city. You meet local investors and hear trusted guest speakers from the property profession. No upsell. No hard sales. Just good, honest information and advice.

Inside Liverpool Tea & Toast

1-2-1 Tea, Toast and Knowledge with Inside Liverpool Founder, Vicki Peers

If you’re an investor new to the Liverpool Property Market, it can be daunting to take that first plunge. Estate Agents and national sourcing agents will tell you anything to make a sale. So who do you ask if the area is right, if the tenants will be what you expect, if the demand is high enough to warrant converting your house into a HMO or flats?

Who will tell you the truth about certain roads, about honest rental figures and about the rat problem in the entry?

Inside Liverpool will.

Inside Liverpool Coaching

Everyone learns at their own pace. Some investors are shown the ropes and then they’re good-to-go, networking, buying and refurbing. Others need more guidance at a steadier pace. Our coaching packages provide support for those that need it, tailored to fit your requirements – from one hour a week, to a couple of half days or two whole days of 1-2-1 support. Just let us know how we can help you.

Liverpool Insider

Ongoing support is vital for any new business. Once you have started purchasing, you will need a support group to ensure your properties are a success so you can continue to grow your portfolio. Liverpool Insider has two intakes a year, September and March. The group provides help, support and guidance to all involved and gives you the opportunity to celebrate your successes and discuss your struggles in order that your business can grow and you can help grow others’ too.

If you’re serious about becoming a property investor, realistic in your ambitions and open to honest and expert advice, we can help you on the road towards building that valuable portfolio.

Inside Liverpool
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