Liverpool HMOs, a sorry tale of fly tipping and ASBOs

by | Jan 7, 2020 | HMOs

In recent years, the number of HMOs in Liverpool has increased dramatically. Many, but not all, are student houses and, as you can imagine, residents in areas that have seen an increase are less than happy…

Neighbours complaints are usually focused on, but not limited to, car parking issues, poor waste refuse habits and various types of inconsiderate and anti-social behaviour. Many of the problems arise from poor management of the property and, sadly, this has tarnished the reputation of the whole sector.

So, for these reasons, Liverpool City Council feel obligated to protect the parts of the city where the rising number of HMOS may harm their community, and to implement strategies to raise the standard of accommodation where HMOs are still allowed.

Good news for good landlords…

So, how will they do that?

Given that Liverpool City Council’s current planning policies are around twenty years old, it’s clear they need to be updated. So the Council is bringing forward new planning policies to help steer development across the City over the next 15 years. These new policies will be of particular interest to those who operate in Liverpool* developing any kind of property into either an HMO or are looking to sub-divide properties into flats.

Stay tuned to find out more…

*Different rules will apply in Sefton and Knowsley.