Reviving a neighbourhood, one market at a time

by | Dec 24, 2019 | Areas

In true Liverpool style, an old industrial warehouse has been transformed into a bohemian cultural paradise: Ten Streets Market and event space, on Cotton Street.

The Ten Streets projects aim was to transform the north Liverpool area into a Cultural Enterprise Hub and the Ten Streets Market is going about this in all the right ways. From vintage fashion to craft beers, food, art and more, the Ten Streets Market is a hidden gem.

Mother and daughter, Tina and Georgia Kavanagh, came up with the idea to transform an 8,500ft space into a creative hub for the Ten Streets area, after Tina left her job in social housing. Drawing inspiration from across the globe, Tina and Georgia wanted the project to be a melting pot of everything they are inspired by.

In just a few weeks the space was transformed from a disused warehouse to a vibrant dynamic space of collaboration, with recycling at the heart of what they do. The bench out front was reused from The Bagelry and even the rose bush was rescued from a skip in Anfield.

These local ladies know exactly the importance of their project, acting as a reason to stop just outside the city itself. The nearby roads have been fixed up making the area safer to walk on and cycle, and the lively atmosphere is driving more an more interest their way.

Not content with their amazing efforts, the mother and daughter duo say there is still more to come from this hidden gem in the form of craft workshops and more.

So the important question is, how will this impact local property investors?

Well, the Ten Streets Project lies within the poorest ward in the UK – Kirkdale.

Here you can still buy £40,000 houses…but maybe not for too much longer.