Finding Property Investments

“I hear you source property in Liverpool. I’m looking for a new build apartment, preferably in L1 or L2, where there’s currently regeneration. I’ve got around £100k to invest and my plan is to buy with cash, rent it out, and in a few years it will gain in capital value. Do you know of anything?”

This is a common request, particularly from southern investors with an appetite for what they perceive as ‘luxury apartments’. And, as much as we want investors to find their ideal property, our role is also to guide them.

So our answer is often no, we don’t think we can help.

Why? Because you can’t rely on quick capital appreciation, or refurbishment coming in under budget. Also, cash purchases limit your possibilities but mortgages allow you to leverage the bank’s money.

So how about a different approach? Would you like to think a little bigger and more strategically? Receive good cashflow and aim for realistic but longer-term returns? Build a property portfolio that will benefit you and your family for years to come?

If that appeals, we should have chat. Because the challenge with Plan B is finding the investment opportunities that hold real potential for healthy rental returns. And we can help with that.

Liverpool is being recognised once again as a vibrant city attracting significant commercial investment. Most importantly, compared to London and the South East, there is capacity for growth that is still accessible to the individual property investor. It’s not all multi million pound deals from overseas consortia.


Inside Liverpool has deep knowledge of the city and its property portfolio. Through our extensive contacts, we know exactly where to invest and what to avoid. Whether you are new to the area or just too busy to house hunt every weekend, you can trust Inside Liverpool to guide you when finding the property that is right for you.

We can also help you maintain it, to ensure it remains attractive to tenants and future buyers, should you ever wish to realise your asset.

Inside Liverpool
Property investment with long-term value.