What our clients are saying

“Having knowledge of an area when investing in that area is key, whatever industry you may be in. ”

“Property investing even more so as one degree off course can get you to the completely wrong and costly destination. Vicki brings reliability and trust to the party with her wealth of knowledge and her finger always on the city’s pulse. Every city needs a Vicki!”

Christina Smith
Co-Founder at Footels.com

“Her insight into the Liverpool property market is second to none.”

“Vicki is a very professional and knowledgeable property sourcing agent, her insight into the Liverpool property market is second to none. My first rent to rent project was sourced by Vicki, and throughout, even when problems arose at the beginning she went out of her way to provide help, and most importantly provide solutions. I would highly recommend her services to anyone wishing to enter the world of property investing.”

Denil Ruparelia
Densure Property Consultants Ltd

“Vicki is the go to person for all things property in Liverpool.”

“As a property investor of the city I genuinely believe that Vicki is the go to person for all things property in Liverpool. I am very lucky that I am able to have her on the end of the phone to answer all my queries. There has been a few occasions that if i didn’t take Vicki’s advice on certain deals, it would of been disastrous.

As a person who has spent my whole life in the city, it still blows me away her knowledge of the place. So if you are planning on investing in Liverpool then please save yourself time, pain and loss of money and give Vicki a call.

Thanks for all your help Vicki and we can’t wait for the next inside Liverpool event.”

Liam Duffy
Director of Footels.com

“An expert in her field.”

“Vicki is an expert in her field and will provide you with a detailed but honest knowledge of the local areas to invest in property.
Having built up relationships with various property professionals she is very well connected to help you start or progress your property career.”

Toni Gargan

“Very impressed by her all round knowledge of property investment especially funding strategies and HMO guidelines.”

“I worked with Vicki Peers for the first time in spring 2018 and was very impressed by her all round knowledge of property investment especially funding strategies and HMO guidelines. I would have no hesitation in referring my investor clients to Vicki.”

Jon Battle
Chartered Building Surveyor – JDB Surveying & Architectural

“Great, thoughtful advice to property investors in Liverpool.”

“Vicki is extremely knowledgeable and gives great, thoughtful advice to property investors in Liverpool. As a result I always recommend her as a sourcer to other investors looking to purchase properties in the North West.”

Geraldine Felix

“Vicki’s patience and professional approach made the process smooth.”

“I was stuck with an awkward investment situation (in Liverpool) which to get rid of had tested my patience through many failed attempts in working with estate agents (both local and national with big promises). I came across Inside-Liverpool and Vicki Peers who proved to do the magic for me and the problem was solved in a rather fast and satisfactory way. Vicki’s patience and professional approach made the process (which in fact became somehow complicated by the acts of a weird soliciting firm) smooth ending in a good outcome for all parties. I have already recommend them to colleagues and friends and believe they will be important players in this region’s market soon.”

Hossein Sharifi

“Highly Recommended.”

“I was very thankful to have worked with such as professional. Vicki provided real actionable insight into the Liverpool market. I highly recommend Vicki to anyone sourcing property in Liverpool.”

Daniel B.

“I got something I didn’t even know I wanted and it is perfect.”

“I found Vicki on Facebook and we got chatting about Liverpool as I was keen on investing there. I sent her some links from Rightmove of properties I was coming to view. She replied with loads of information about which blocks were not worth my time due to noise or location, plus a steer on how much rent I could expect from the better ones.

She also told me she had a property I should view when I was visiting. It was in a postcode I hadn’t even considered and I wasn’t convinced, but I humoured her and went along. It was perfect.

Two good size double bedrooms, large lounge, kitchen and bathroom, and a secure carpark at the back. Exactly what I was looking for, and less than I expected to pay.

My offer was accepted in March and it took until August to complete due to a few obstacles along the way. Vicki worked hard to keep the sale moving towards completion and I am now the proud owner of a beautiful city centre apartment in the Baltic Triangle.

By leveraging Vicki’s knowledge and expertise, I got something I didn’t even know I wanted and it is ideal. This purchase gave me the confidence to buy another property in the same area a few months later.

Vicki is so much more than just a sourcing agent. My apartments both needed a bit of work and, even after her job was done, she put me in touch with good local trades people who helped me transform them ready for my new tenants.

Vicki’s knowledge of the city and her commitment to seeing a project through to completion is excellent and I would definitely recommend her services.”

Justin B.

“We didn’t have to worry about a thing.”

“We were looking for a small student multi-let to add to our portfolio and Vicki found us just the thing, a three-bed terrace in the heart of Wavertree. The property was sold as an operational HMO with long term tenants who had been there a couple of years.

As we live down South, it was important we bought a property that would be a reliable rental. The property would be generating income from the day of completion and, although it needed a bit of TLC, we spoke to a local letting agent who confirmed it was a good purchase. So, we went ahead with it.

Vicki managed the sale right through to completion, liaising with both the vendor’s solicitor and our solicitor and, when we did come across an obstacle during the purchase, as you often do in property, she stepped in quickly and negotiated a solution so the sale could still proceed.

Vicki was efficient and professional throughout and communicated with all parties to ensure a smooth transaction. On completion, she even collected the keys on our behalf and delivered them to our appointed letting agent so we didn’t have to worry about a thing. We were really pleased with the service and would recommend her to others looking for investment properties.”

Daniel Birch

“Vicki’s been a lifesaver for us.”

“Vicki sourced two properties for us in Liverpool that were just what we were looking for. We bought both and, as we are based in Hertfordshire, put them in the hands of a local letting agent.

Unfortunately, over time we became unhappy with the service we were getting and decided to switch agents. As she was on the ground in Liverpool, Vicki volunteered to oversee the switch, liaise with tradesmen on repairs and deal with all the nitty-gritty but vital things like key collections, rubbish removal and, most importantly, any tenant complaints or concerns.

Vicki didn’t have to do it, but she’s very professional and has been a real lifesaver for us. The great thing is that she’s very efficient and takes responsibility to get things sorted.

You can give Vicki a job and walk away from it, knowing it will be done. That’s vital when you’re based hundreds of miles away, with lots of other properties to manage.”

Paul Weller
CEO – Property Wealth Group

“Vicki is absolute gold dust.”

“I own several properties in London but finding more was proving difficult because of high prices. I decided to look elsewhere, including Derby and West Yorkshire, and wasted a lot of time trying to get a deal…and failing to get a deal. I just didn’t have enough local knowledge of those property markets.

“I had seen Vicki on Facebook and noticed she was holding an Invest in Liverpool event. So I thought ‘why not?’ and came along. As soon as Vicki started talking, I liked what I heard. She’s very realistic – no inflated promises of fortunes to be made – and she knows everything about Liverpool’s property market in the detail I needed, and had been missing previously.

“Following the investment day, Vicki advised me on which properties to buy and has also found me the right people to manage my new investments, essential when you are not living nearby. I now have two houses in the city and I’m negotiating for a third.

“For me, she’s absolute gold dust.”

Lulu Belle
Belle Property