“We’ve got too many HMOs!” the council said.

by | Jan 14, 2020 | HMOs

An Article 4 Direction is a means by which a local planning authority can bring within planning control certain types of development, or change of use, which would normally be permitted development.

At the time of writing this, ‘The Dales’ in Wavertree is the only area where an Article 4 Direction prevents houses being turned into HMOs (full list of roads affected can be found in the comments below, courtesy of Simon Topple).

But this is soon set to change…

Draft policy H11, specifically about HMOs, will set out areas where a new HMO will not be allowed if it breaches a 10% threshold for the area. These areas are where Liverpool City Council considers the number of HMOs is having an adverse impact on the character of the area.

So, where exactly are these areas?

Well there are nine of them… and three of them have already exceeded the 10% threshold.

Nine neighbourhoods have been identified, albeit they should not be considered as being the only places in the City that have a concentration of HMO dwellings:

  • Area A: The ‘Dales’**
  • Area B: Smithdown/Gainsborough-Wellington Roads/Picton Road/Cranborne Road**
  • Area C: Grant Avenue
  • Area D: Sefton Park (north) periphery
  • Area E: Kensington Fields**
  • Area F: Prescot Rd / Sheil Rd / Boaler St / Coleridge St 
  • Area G: Fairfield
  • Area H: Prescot Rd / Fairfield St / Edge Grove / Laurel Rd
  • Area I: Newsham Park (north)

**These areas are where the limit has already been reached.

Work on introducing the Article 4 Directions is underway but it is a lengthy process and it might not be introduced until late 2021 or early 2022.